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Funky designs, positive messaging, and healthy living all encompass what Sanuk offers to loyal legions of sandal-clad customers. Founded in 1997, Sanuk is the brainchild of Southern California native Jeff Kelley and literally translates to fun in Thai language. What started as a backyard shed sandal shop has now transformed into a company generating millions in annual sales.

Since inception, Sanuk has strived to innovate the basic flip-flop into something with more comfort, flair, and originality. The first major innovation for Sanuk was the invention of the original Fur Real Sandal. This sandal was upgraded to feature an indoor/outdoor carpet for comfortable wear, leaving you feeling right at home. By far, the largest breakthrough for the brand was the Sidewalk Surfer. With the upper of a shoe and the sole of a sandal, the Sidewalk Surfer enables feet to exhibit a greater range of motion while flexing more naturally. This natural flexing allows you to build more strength in your foot. More foot strength optimizes your skill and balance while surfing, skating, snowboarding, rock climbing, or any other intensive activity.

Looking to stay comfortable this summer when temps skyrocket? Slip on any number of Sanuk's comfortable flip-flops, sidewalk surfers, or boat-inspired offerings. Popular models such as the Beer Cozy, Yogi II, and Fault Line Irie feature a custom yoga mat footbed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Timeless silhouettes of sidewalk surfers such as the Chiba and Kingston II make for great lounging, work, and beach wear. Need something a little more dressed up, yet still laid back? Sanuk's boat and slip-on inspired offerings such as the Scurvy, Shunami, and Standard should fill the need for both casual and semi-dress appropriate wear alike.

In addition to producing really comfortable sandals, Sanuk sponsors a whole legion of artists, surfers, musicians, rock climbers, and snowboarders. Long time professional surfer and laid-back rocker Donavon Frankenreiter has long held a signature sidewalk surfer, the Donny. Other key athletes supported through Sanuk include surfers such as Shayne McIntyre and Dave Rastovich, as well as legendary big mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones.

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