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3D Skateboards

Skate Where You Live with 3D

Founded by well-known rider Brian Anderson, 3D Skateboards is a new board company that specializes in life's simple pleasures. Now in his mid '30s, Anderson set out on a new challenge, which allows him to contribute to the life he loves while addressing the hardships he came across as a pro. Claiming that it's his time to ride a different path, Anderson conceptualized 3D Skateboards to embody his bold style and laid-back demeanor.

3D Skateboards is part of the Big Time Distribution family, which also produces the zany brand known as Skate Mental. Using quality materials, simplistic aesthetics, and strong social media marketing tactics, 3D Skateboards is here to fill a void in the industry. Anderson's passion for living life in the present and enjoying the moments that are often overlooked, caught the attention of a couple pros that were also looking to set fourth on a new journey.

Soon after word released of Anderson's entrepreneurial efforts, he signed on two additional well-established skaters, Alex Olson and Austyn Gillette. Both Anderson and Olson rode for Girl skateboards. Although chatter arose of hard times and misfortune, both riders found it difficult to part ways with a brand that allowed them to experience many of their most memorable career moments.

Former Habitat rider, Austyn Gillette is the third member of 3D Skateboards. Known for his solid work ethic, technical perfection, and f-it attitude, Gillette adds the third point to 3D Skateboards triangle of nuance style. With a small team of like-minded pros and a passion for success, 3D Skateboards is ready to push their vision of creative exploration and skate where you live style.

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