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Rome: A Snowboarding History
From three people and three snowboards in 2001, to a team of employees and a full assortment of boards by 2013, Rome Snowboards has become a well-known, respected brand.

Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz founded their company in Waterbury, Vermont with one vision in mind—to provide snowboarders quality products from a company who lives the culture. Dan Sullivan, director of sales, collected a team of talented individuals and helped Rome gain recognition with snowboard shops throughout the country.

Reid and Maravetz worked for Burton nearly ten years before founding Rome. Not only did years at Burton give them a collegiate level of experience, it also instilled a desire to reconnect with small business. This inspired them to channel the local shop atmosphere that gave snowboarding its start into their own product lines.

Connecting with culture remains the number one priority. Projects on the Rome website help the brand connect with the community. For example, video contests bring recognition to talented individuals, and the "100 Day Tracker" lets snowboarders share their experiences throughout the year.

Channeling Feedback For Better Products
The most important aspect of product development is listening to feedback through the Snowboard Design Syndicate (SDS). If you're true to the culture and want to make an impact on the sport—drop a line to Rome, and be heard.

Rome's boards are built to specifically work for riders with different budgets and riding preferences. Because of this, you can search a variety of boards available in our collection and find the one that matches you. While learning-up on what's what in the snow biz, make sure to check out the arsenal of tech that is developed and constantly upgraded by Rome's innovative development team.

Building A Community
The Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate prides itself on collaboration. They go beyond listening to team riders and developers, to welcoming input from any snowboarder. When the people at Rome aren't listening to the community and creating products, they're out riding.

Rome's innovative design team is more than creative talent. They're like you, people who love the sport and can't imagine dedicating time to any other industry. This commitment to the culture fosters positive energy and gives the insight needed to create awesome products. Their home base is located only thirty minutes from the chair lift, so everyone can get some quality boarding time in before going to work. This keeps everyone in touch with what they love.

The team uses its skills for fun, and for benefitting the community. For example, Viktor Simco held his 4th annual "Ollies for Alzheimers" event in 2013 to bring people together and raise awareness for the cause. Aside from all the past programs, Rome is always thinking of new ways to support the snowboarding community.

Check out Rome Snowboards when looking for a brand that is dedicated purely to snowboarding.

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