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Pronounced "Ruca", RVCA is a brand built upon a view of art, culture, and fashion as one of balancing juxtapositions. This concept is deep in the roots as even the 'V' and unsupported 'A' in RVCA are two chevrons balancing each other, pointing in opposites. This macro view transcends traditional sports apparel by creating a lifestyle within itself, without boundaries between skate and surf, photography and music, art and science.

In a world of overly cluttered, busy, and over worked action sports apparel, RVCA provides clean lines and a fresh design aesthetic inspired by artists and all cultures?not just their own. Whether you're barreling a ripcurl or tre-flipping an embankment, RVCA makes sure the clothing you wear today will stand up tomorrow, regardless of trend.

As a platform, RVCA promotes the integrity of its subcultures through the Artist Network Program (ANP), developed as a venue for both established and unknown artists to share and push the limitations on creative excellence. Don't try to differentiate between who is an artist and who isn't at RVCA. Mixed martial arts fighters, skaters, surfers, photographers, and models all bring their creative insight to the t-shirts, shorts, boardshorts, pants, and tank tops that make up RVCA clothing.

For RVCA, that's the big picture: leaving something of substance for the next generation while bringing together this one.

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