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Not long ago, if someone repping the Swoosh flashed past you on the hill, you probably would've raised an eyebrow. But today, Nike sits comfortably as a respected innovator of clothing, boots, and accessories.

It started in 2008, when Nike Snowboarding debuted and released the Nike Zoom Force 1, along with an assortment of pants and jackets. Designers took inspiration from the Nike Air Force 1, the famous basketball-turned-lifestyle shoe, to create the Nike Zoom Force 1 snowboard boot. To make the first year more interesting, famous graffiti artist Stash collaborated with Nike Snowboarding to create a Nike Zoom Force 1 boot and jacket with matching spray-can-top designs.

Initially, some doubt surrounded the brand, but with Nike's typical dedication to quality and innovation, Nike Snowboarding soon became a respected name. Innovation has been a priority for Nike since the beginning when Bill Bowerman, one of the founders of Nike, started dissecting and improving sneakers. Following the instinct to innovate and improve, Nike began researching and designing snowboard equipment with input from team riders.


The Nike Snowboarding team includes a handful of talented pro riders from around the world, ranging anywhere from well-known personality Danny Kass to serious backcountry rider Gerome Mathieu. In 2013, Nike Snowboarding released the movie "Never Not" to showcase the diverse talent of the team. The movie was met with enthusiasm, and it helped solidify Nike's place on the hill.

Developers work closely with team members and listen to their product suggestions. This atmosphere of collaboration helps the team's performance, as well as the products available to the public.

Product Design

Taking team member comments into account, designers create boots at varying price points and feels. Due to their close relationship with the snowboarding team, the boot developers understand that every snowboarder prefers different feel.

Playing into these preferences, designers created the LunarENDOR. This boot includes an adjustable flex system that goes from a more relaxed feel to a stiff feel within the same boot. The LunarENDOR features three different lining options. Going without a liner gives the most flexible feel; one liner gives medium stiffness, while the last gives a very stiff feel. This means riders can use one pair of boots from the hill to the park.

Now a part of Nike SB, Nike Snowboarding is defined by the same dedication to research and development that drives the rest of Nike's endeavors.

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