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Specializing in producing the brightest and tightest sublimation t-shirts possible, LATHC, aka Los Angeles Tree House Club, apparel will leave you with unmistakable steeze. Prevailing themes of ancient cultures, psychedelic animals, and explosions dominate LATHC's entire line of sublimated t-shirts, tanks, and crewneck sweatshirts. Their philosophical graphics portray some of the world's most iconic symbols with a creative twist. Scenes that date back to ancient history are remixed into a kaleidoscope of aesthetic displays. Claiming to be "an embodiment of the Los Angeles scene street-style," LATHC compiles what it means to be cool, calm, and collected.

The highly saturated visuals are created to withstand the wear and tear that an active lifestyle puts out. This high-intensity printing process delivers a vibrantly bright graphics that won't fade or crack over time ? like the screen-printed t-shirts of yesteryear. Use the past to think to the future and impress all the haters with your sick style.

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