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The Double Scoop on Icecream
"From TK to Jacob, from old to young" and the rest lifts off. These were the words spoken by the man who brought new flavor to skateboarding. At a time when core brands and speculating haters ruled the street, Icecream dropped a solid mixture of hood culture and futuristic appeal.

Born a wallflower, Pharrell dabbled in a variety of activities that ranged from playing the snare drum in his high-school marching band, to earning the title Skateboard P from his riding roots. This Virginia Beach native possesses the Midas touch in everything from music to fashion, and currently, skateboard culture.

Early into the new millennium, Pharrell traveled to Japan where he met up with A Bathing Ape (BAPE) founder, Nigo. After soaking in BAPE's shop experience, he soon realized the two lived in parallel atmospheres. Pharrell admired Nigo's ability to bend reality to his ideal world, while still inspiring others to follow. From this initial encounter came Icecream's mother ship, Billionaire Boys Club.

Due to the cost of manufacturing product out of Japan, BBC/Icecream drew a lot of speculation as an exclusive brand for people with money. They rebutted this argument by holding true to the vision, "wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket."

Pharrell's genuine, whole-hearted appeal comes from his natural ability to alter conformity. But this isn't the only reason everyone from top music executives to kids on the street look to him as a modern visionary. They're also attracted to his commitment, leading younger generations on a prosperous path of creativity and success. With this mentality came the initial Icecream Skate Team.

The Icecream Dream Team: A Rocky Road
Made up of Terry Kennedy (TK), Kevin Booker, Jacob Wilder, Jimmy Gorecki and Cato Williams, the original Icecream Skate team broke onto the scene with mad energy and a passion to fight for their leader. This was not your typical all-star team. Pharrell, TK and former team manager Nino Scalia worked to gather people who grew up like them. Kids who weren't privileged, but possess the internal motivation to learn and above all else ? look to skate culture as their creative escape.

However, this dynamic crew wouldn't last forever. Their four-year run came to a halt after manufacturing issues arose for the brand ? leaving Pharrell at a loss for direction. He didn't want to move forward with the venture until he found a way to elevate the brand and the team of people that represented it. As a tight-knit family, this decision was hard on everyone, but in the end was better for the overall cause.

With the members of the OG team going in different directions, it was time for Pharrell and his boys to think about the future. They needed to make their retail empire less exclusive, so like-minded people could become a part of the movement.

In 2011, Skateboard P joined forces with the Business Man. He and Jay-Z collaborated in a way that would allow BBC/Icecream to maintain the DNA that made them a hit. This partnership helped Pharrell discover an unknown oasis of potential. To lower the overhead cost of production, they moved manufacturing from Japan to China. This decision made the Icecream label affordable for the kids grinding the streets, while maintaining the brand's premium appeal.

Fast-forward to 2012, and it's time to celebrate the reinvented Cream team. Keeping true to his spirit, Pharrell compiled a team of avid skateboarders who were not yet in the limelight. This team consists of Andre Beverley, Jamel Marshall, Emmet Duffy and Stephan Martinez.

With a new crew, new fans and a new record label, Pharrell holds the grail of success and continues to promote creative exploration to people all over the world.
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