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Gold Wheels

Lead the legion of skaters rolling into the Gold lair. Goon masks, gold grills, and low flyin' flamingos eclipse your vision. A "No Posers" graphic leers menacingly down at you. But, don't skulk away; you're there to skate. Stick around, and explore the street inspired artwork until you're satisfied.

Catch up with the Gold goons—they've been gracing the streets since 1999. In 2002, Gold joined with DGK Skateboards, Expedition Skateboards, and Organika Skateboards to become the Kayo Corp. Today, Gold creates graphics to fit each goon's personality. See if you can "Get it crackin'" like Stevie Williams, skate with confidence like Eli Reed or focus on "stackin' chips" like Brandon Biebel.

Match your bold atmosphere with a new pair of solid, buttery wheels by Gold. Own the street like Terry Kennedy, keep winnin' like PLG, or mellow like Marcus McBride. Whatever you choose, Gold wheels are designed to keep you rolling smoothly.

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