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Founded by skateboarders, for skateboarders, Foundation was created by professional boarder Tod Swank. Being a longtime skater who grew up riding at the famous Del Mar Skate Ranch, Swank was passionate about skating from the beginning. After stints of professional skating and photography work for TransWorld SKATEboarding, Swank started Foundation with the help of World Industries? founder Steve Rocco in 1989.

Featuring a professional team of riders such as Corey Duffel, Dan Murphy, Sierra Fellers, and Nick Merlino. Foundation continues to push the evolution of skateboarding with the hard-charging and technical nature of their professional team. In consideration to the skating experience itself, the brand holds true to the virtue of delivering an un-matched experience while rippin' on your board.

Foundation produces both traditional hard rock 7ply Maple decks and newer decks with Fiberprime construction. Made with six hard rock Maple plys topped with one high-density thermal poly ply, Fiberprime construction offers a longer lasting deck with increased strength characteristics. Regardless of your style and habits on a skateboard, jump on a Foundation deck and start dropping hammers without worrying about your board keeping up!

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