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With an illustrious history within the snowboarding world, it's no surprise that Forum created one of the greatest pro teams of all time. Known as "The Forum 8", the original boarders Jeremy Jones, Joni Malmi, Wille Yli-Luoma, Devun Walsh, Chris Dufficy, Bjorn Leines, JP Walker, and Peter Line, pushed freestyle snowboarding further than any group within the snowboarding world.

Peter Line was one of the first pro riders to throw down backside rodeos and corked out spins in the '90s, and JP Walker was one of the first pros to stomp double corked spins. The brand has always been equated with freestyle snowboarding progression and continues this legacy with amazing riders such as Andreas Wiig, Pat Moore, and Stevie Bell. Check out their newest flick, #FORUM, for the latest chapter in snowboarding excellence.

For the 2012-2013 season, Forum offers many boards and bindings that have been refined to offer the very best in comfort and performance. Snowboards, such as the Destroyer, are highly versatile and offer a top-shelf riding experience on large jumps and natural features. Other boards, like the Deck, Contract, and Scallywag, are park and jib boards designed for all-around fun. Forum's bindings, such as the Faction, are solid and built to excel in any condition. Regardless of the terrain or features at hand, hop on a Forum and start having fun!

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