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No one quite captures and honors the heritage of skateboarding's earliest roots like Dusters California. Dogtown, Z-Boyz, pool shredding, surfing, and sick slalom carving all have had an inspirational impact for Dusters. For those old enough to remember shredding the fat wheels off a cruiser, Dusters brings a nostalgic feel with modern technology built to last. For those too young, you get the benefit of today's skateboarding (no clay wheels!) in an old-school package (dagger sharp noses and bamboo/maple ply mixes for superior flex).

Building on the 70's influence, Dusters recruits some of the best sports legends back into the fold, recently collaborating with local skate master Dave Hackett. While Dave may prefer a short and compact cruiser with a swallow's tail for air, Dusters also builds high-quality longboards if lipping out of backyard kidney bowls isn't your thing. Wheels extending outside the board's frame prevent excessive wheel bite when leaning into turns, protecting the bold retro graphics.

CCS is proud to carry a piece of history and carries many complete deck set-ups to choose from. Everything from high-quality fiberglass builds to unique shapes such as v-tails and flat nose tips to get you in a land-surfing mindset. It's time to pull up those knee-high socks and take one of their boards for a cruise!

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