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Digging into DVS
adjective—\'dē-vē- ɘs, -vy ɘs\

Although speculation surrounds what's true and what's fabricated, the myth behind the brand DVS lies in the phonics. If you hold up a second, sound out the syllables and slow down your speech, you'll notice the title DVS sounds an awful lot like a word common to the English language. But, if English isn't your specialty, we'll give you a moment to put the pieces together.

Aright, time's up. If you haven't figured it out yet, but your curiosity continues to grow, the answer is devious—i.e. DeViouS (DVS.)

Portal back to 1995 and relive a time of innovation and revolution. This was the year of overcoming tradition and shaking up the convention. While hip-hop legend, 2-Pac dropped his chart topping album "Me Against the World," hoops icon Michael Jordan made his infamous return to the hardwood with two words, "I'm back."

As the world adjusted to a new social shift, two paralleling points of view collided to create a skate shoe brand with serious lasting power. At the time, a handful of shop owners joined forces with pro-rider Tim Gavin with the same overarching vision to make shoes for skaters, by skaters.

High Times
This mantra anointed DVS the credibility to dominate the market place. They started dabbling in the world of skateboarding. Sponsoring pros, holding events and backing a few of the industry-leading shops. This connection to their core customer helped to elevate their popularity.

After dominating the skate industry, visionaries at DVS set their sights on the horizon. Bringing in pros from all sides of board culture. From pro snowboarders like Salt Lake City's Marc Frank Montoya to moto-sport daredevil Brian Deegan, DVS fostered a culture for all those interested in the rush of confronting challenges head on.

Almost two decades since its birth, DVS continues to hold strong against their competitors. They now offer a solid selection of items that pay homage to the sport they dedicated their lives to. This passion for the industry recently caught the attention of CCS pro rider Torey Pudwill and continues to hold the force for the next generation.

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