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DGK, which stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids, was started, and is run, by Philadelphia native and legendary skateboarder Stevie Williams. DGK was the name of the crew Stevie ran with back in his youth in Philly. People in the neighborhood would yell and call Stevie and his friends, “dirty ghetto kids. “ After Stevie found fame and success in skateboarding, and was in a position to start his own company, he embraced this negative chant, and flipped it on his adversaries by naming his company Dirty Ghetto Kids, and created graphics which pay homage to the streets he grew up in. Slogans such as “Nothing 2 Lose“, “If You Got Haters You Must Be Doin Somethin' Right“, and “For Those Who Come from Nothing“ are proudly displayed on DGK t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and hats. Throughout the years, DGK has stacked a team of heavy hitters consisting of Jack Curtin, Josh Kalis, Keelan Dadd, Lenny Rivas, Marcus McBride, Marquise Henry, Rodrigo Tx, Wade Desarmo, and Stevie Williams. In magazines and videos, the DGK team can be seen rockin' all the Dirty Ghetto Kids' gear, from DGK skateboard decks and skateboard wheels, to DGK socks, snapbacks, and backpacks. CCS proudly carries a wide selection of DGK skateboards, clothing, and accessories.

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