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Led by the legendary Darren Navarette, Creature's skateboard team is chock-full of veteran professionals, like Sam Hitz, Stu Graham, and Neil Heddings, who shred transitions and half pipes with style. Young phenoms such as Taylor Bingaman and David Gravette bring all-terrain prowess and street skills to this professional team of charismatic skaters. Creature falls with other notable skateboard brands such as Santa Cruz, Flip, Indpendent, and Ricta under the distributor NHS, Inc.

Check out Creature Evil Live skateboard decks for a riding experience that is amazing when riding both regular and switch. Evil Live decks feature a symmetrical nose and tail, offering up more confidence when riding switch! If you happen to wear your tail down, don?t panic. Simply switch the board around for the same pop and feel that you're used to!

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