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Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. As a boy in 1983, Steve Rodriguez was sent by his mother on errands for her store in Greenwich Village with nothing more than a skateboard and a few tenuous directions. Getting lost in the New York City boroughs and pushing until something familiar popped up, Rodriguez found himself exploring the skate hills of the Bronx and the costumed riders of Brooklyn until city shredding became a part of who he was and what 5Boro skateboards has become.

Inspired by the real board culture of NYC, 5Boro represents the urban skater who enjoys skating more than anything else in life. Who enjoys riding spot-to-spot more than the spot itself. The journey from curb-to-curb, the slap between sidewalk panels, imprints memories that driving can't. Skateboarding connects you to the world.

If you live on your board, you want it to last. 5Boro maintains board integrity by having all of its boards made right here, in the USA (Alabama specifically). Canadian Hard Rock Maple goes beyond most in quality and while it doesn't come cheap for 5Boro, its craftsmanship is second to none. As rugged as the construction, graphics such as the famous “Join, or Die” segmented snake or playful homages to Andy Warhol (a former New York resident) give 5Boro that indefinable yet undeniable New York vibe.

As a grassroots company, 5Boro doesn't spend time on advertising and investing in just itself, it invests in the future of skateboarding around the city. Rodriguez figures as much as 25% of his time is spent working with the city, attending town meetings, and saving iconic skate spots like the Brooklyn Banks. According to Rodriguez, 90% of the banks were saved thanks to the people who support 5Boro. You may have to skate New York to truly understand New York board culture, but supporting 5Boro is a good way to start.

That's why CCS is proud to have 5Boro as a sponsor to one of the biggest events going down in New York this year: Go Skateboarding Day NYC. With 5Boro and CCS you can win a trip to Go Skateboarding Day for epic sessions in the big apple and get a taste of what the boroughs are all about.

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